Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sheep Square Started

Hi All! I finally corrected my wonky beginning rows. I cast on and knit the first row so tight, it always looks uneven and sloppy. I cast on & knit the 1st row with a pair of needles 1 size smaller, then knitted onto the larger needle. It worked like a charm. (That was for you HP fans)

I did a sheep cloth out of cotton so it's pictured here for reference. I'm just going to get it as evenly as possible on the 12" square. Bobbles can be "involved" but there's not too many, just enough to get some good practice. I'm going to enjoy knitting this one again.

Don't. Knit. Pug. Ponchos.


skully said...

I can't wait to see the sheepie! The cotton one is SO CUTE.

Friends don't let friends knit pug ponchos!

Que Sarah said...

LOL!! Dutchess thanks you guys for making public announcements about no making pug ponchos. Oh and your sheepy square is gorgeous!

Carol said...

Thanks! I'll try to make it a good one! And Dutchess is safe in our group.