Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Need More Input!

Hi All! I have some of you added, but need email addresses to get you girls on. Is everyone familiar with the login process? Mimi? Do new folks need to get a Google ID for sign-ups now? I think that's how they're working it. I believe those I added, including you, should receive an email as an invite. Please let me know. Thanks!

We also need to start up some chatter on the Bettie's site, or Beth may get suspicious. wink wink nod nod


Debbie said...

Well, I got an email, and I signed in and got a Google ID. Now, my name shows up at the bottom, which it didn't when I left comments earlier, so I guess it worked.


skully said...

I got the invite, and used my google ID to sign up. It went smoothly! I see Cheryl is on now too! Donde esta Debbie?

Debbie said...

Estoy aqui!

cherylao said...

Estoy en Borders hoy. teje, teje, blog,teje,blog, blog!!